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Skull and Shackles Campaign

This is a starting point for the campaign Wiki. Eventually if the interest is high enough, we will have some links and story information on this portal.

October 20th 2012 Adventure

Some of the Player Characters

Dread necromancer

Darius – The Elven captain of the Hellborn Fury

Darius is the charismatic and intelligent captain of the Hellborn fury. Many secrets abound in Darius’s captains chambers. It is known that Darius is hunting the secrets of death, and he has gained some power to lord over the dead.

Black ren kyr

Renkyr – The half-orc Boatswain

Renkyr is the boatswain on the Hellborn Fury. The large half-orc is a strong climber and the possessor of a magical spiked chain which has a lot of unique abilities.


Romska – The human swashbuckler and first mate of the Hellborn Fury

Haagenti sigul

Roltair – The half human/half locathah Ranger/Alchemist Powder Monkey, Quartermaster, and cook’s mate of the Hellborn Fury

Chronoscape   monk by alexiuss

Sandor – The religious monk who had been stranded in the abyss. Sandor now is the Quartermaster of the ship and keeps accountings of all of the plunder, crew, and infamy the pirates acquire. He also is a martial arts master and able to wreak havoc upon his foes.


Content Not Found: sanctus – The devious little halfling crossbow master. If it can be stolen, stabbed in the back, or taken advantage of, you can bet that Sanctus has had a hand in it. A ruthless pirate from the Shackles, Sanctus looks out for himself and cares nothing for others. He likes to devise devious ways to take out his foes and shows no remorse. He is known throughout the shackles as a liar, a cheat, and rumor has it he has the heart of Tessa Fairwind herself.


Antubis – The prior inhabitant of the House of Stolen Kisses, Antubis recently became tired of being prostituted out as human chattel. Upon hearing the exploits and seeing the raucous crew of the Hellborne fury, Antubis asked to take a spot aboard the Hellborne fury. Captain Romska, eager to replace the lazy Poop-deck Pete, offered Antubis the position of Quartermaster, accounting for all of the treasure and cargo aboard the ship. Antubis fancies himself a swashbuckler of sorts.

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