Renkyr's Spiked Chain

A spiked chain that is silver and red

weapon (melee)

bonus 1
damage 2d4
special abilities Critical Threat – Confirm: strangulation X 4
level damage
Critical Threat – non-confirm: X3 damage
Critical 19-20 – decapitate humanoid creature


A description of RenKyr’s spiked chain.

This chain has the ability to instantly decapitate an enemy that has a distinct head/neck.

This ability was infused into the chain when powerful cleric managed to drain power from an item and infuse it into the chain…with these unexpected results.

The chain can be wrapped around RenKyr’s body part to heal once per day

Another effect granted when trying to siphon the power from another magical item into the chain. The risk of failure was high, but ultimately it succeeded.

The chain imparts an Armor class bonus

The chain remains wrapped around RenKyr’s head which infers an Armor class bonus attuned to barbarian class levels. The chain is cursed by a demon from the abyss, so if RenKyr removes it from his face, the bleeding starts again.

The chain is bright silver where it is wrapped around Renkyr’s head. The tail of the chain that he holds in both hands is blood red and drips blood at the end in a constant repetition.

Renkyr's Spiked Chain

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