Dark Sun Ellensburg

Some Key Characters

Some Key Characters

Captain Barnabas Harrigan – Captain of the Wormwood and the main nemesis to the crew of the Hellborne Fury. Little does Harrigan know that the Fury is the ship that the crew stole from him after overcoming Master Scourge and Plugg

Tessa Fairwind – A popular figure throughout the Shackles, Tessa Fairwind is a Mistress of Quent and captain of the Sloop-of-war Luck of the Draw. Widespread rumor holds she will be the next Hurricane King, either by acclaim or by Force

Kerdak Bonefist – The Hurricane King is a blustery man with a long black beard and long black hair. He looks more pirate htan king. He wears the long coat and tricorne hat of a sea captain rather than the trappings of a king. A tankard of rum rarely leaves his hand, but his most noteworthy features are his wondrous “boom-stick” and his skeletal right hand, the source of his sobriquet.

High Priestess Dindreann – The High priestess of Calistria, she resides in the House of Stolen Kisses in Quent on the northern coast of Motaku Isle

Jaymiss Keft – A half-elf Scrimshander, Jaymiss is middle aged and has a penchant for Black Kelp Beer, nicely warmed. He is a excellent carver of Scrimshaw and lives in the gloomy city of Drenchport on Tempest Cay. He is also a rumormonger and knows a thing or two.

Haneilius Fitch – An old human physician, Haneilius has a Taldan accent and was a shipmate aboard the Brine Banshee many years ago before it disappeared. Fitch lives in the port of Ollo, a foul and wretched place lorded over by the bestial pirate lord Avimar Sorrinash.

The Master of Gales – The ruler of Drenchport and captain of the Xebec Kraken, the mysterious Master of Gales is one of the Shackles’ most powerful and enigmatic pirate lords.

Pierce Jerrell – The captain of the schooner Salty Flagon, Pierce wants nothing more than to live life to its fullest. He loves the adventure and excitement piracy brings, and enjoys spending his plunder on the finer things in life. He assisted the officers of the Hellborne Fury in a brawl at a tavern in Port Peril, and can be relied upon as an ally and a competitor.

Zarskia Galembar- The head alchemist at the Jasperleaf Apothecary in Port Peril, Zarskia Galembar is a Mwangi female with long dreadlocked hair. She has been implicated by the crew of the Hellborne Fury as the possible head of a Cheliaxian spy ring, and one who funded the assassinations of Corlan the Tengu, Haddon Pike, and Roweena Kellet


Warrant Warrant

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