Dark Sun Ellensburg

Restoration of the Fort

And so our intrepid heroes (read: moribund scoundrels)

made their way down from the ruins of Sumitha to the Cheliaxian fort.
Lo and behold the fort was restored to its former glory,however it was replete with full accoutrements of Cheliax hanging from the battlements and along the walls.

The group knew they would have to tear down the trappings of the evil empire and replace them with something fairly more “piratey” to make an impression upon the council captains coming to be entertained.

Now that Darius had been released from the Soul-Gem, and Shadow having been smote to oblivion, the crew decided to rush down and attack the ship which had entered port and was ransacking their ship in the harbor. After defeating many of the opposing crew, the were-rat captain of the other ship asked for a parley. The captain and admiral (more a Commodore really than an admiral) granted the parley and received in turn a pirates’ booty worth of expensive rum from the captain in turn for his freedom. The skulking assassin found evidence of a booby-trapped ship which would have quite possibly sheared the bottom off of the Hellborne fury had the captain and admiral not struck a deal. Either way, the pirates got a boat-load of fancy rum (literally) for their pirate feast set to commence in a couple of weeks.

Half of the crew decided to set sail for Hell Harbor in exchange for some fresh food and some possible entertainment. Upon arriving, the crew met with some ladies of ill-repute who had served with Antubis at the brothel in Quent. They offered to sign on to the crew if they could go anywhere but Hell Harbor which had treated them poorly and left them nearly destitute. The group agreed to let them attend and made their way back to Island of Empty eyes with new crew and food bounty.

On the island. The barbarian Ren’Kyr and Osiris decided to rustle up some meat by attacking two large triceratops kept in pens near the fort. They were attacked and luckily the peg-leg monk, Sandor was able to keep them somewhat alive until the Tyrannosaurus Rex attacked, nearly swallowing the two whole. They did prevail however and mounted the skull above the gatehouse as a display of pirate prowess.

Roltair was torturing homeless Greg in turn for learning of two ingredients of Black Powder, a new and deadly substance that tantalized his demonic and insane brain. Osiris and Ren’Kyr hobbled back to the fort with Sandor who administered aid and set to working to create a pier and docks for the incoming guests.

The crew back assembled got party preparations under way. The Captain Romska was reunited with he wife of the Shackles, Ms. Smythee and they retired to the Hellborne Fury for a night of romance and reunion. Meanwhile, Sandor and the crew displayed the prowess of the fort defenses by sinking a dingy with a fireball and a ballistae salvo to the amazement of the visiting pirate lords.

Avimaar Sorrinash was amongst the visiting captains and was not as impressed as the other two envoys. The feast began and Roltair started to feel something weird about the rum that had been captured from the were-rat. He notified Sandor who along with the Admiral prevented more guests from quaffing rum while he investigated. He found an empty vial of poison by the rum storage casks and a halfling-sized footprint in the dirt of the cellar. Knowing a fair amount of alchemy, Roltair rushed out to collect seasoning herbs to spread on the dinosaur steaks to counteract any poison the crews may have already ingested. He also purified the rum by infusing the herbs and sent out the treated food. It wouldn’t look very good on the hosts if their guests got really sick.

After eating, Antubis noticed the pirate captain Avimaar getting testy and downright belligerent with one of the serving girls. Antubis went to confront him and ended up being challenged outside. Osiris and Ren’Kyr noticed and followed as well. Sandor made an appearance to try diffuse the situation, but usually has little luck calming the assassin and raging barbarian. Long story short. Roltair found evidence of a drug in Avimaars drink cup and rushed out to stop the ensuing confrontation, even going so far as to demonically intimidate the rest of the combatants. Avimaar however, morphed into a werewolf and went ballistic at the group who had beaten him bloody. The barbarian raging, brought down a stunning blow with his chain and killed the werewolf captain as the rest of the crews rushed out to watch in horror.

Sandor could only shake his head woefully as he watched Roltair turn on his heal and march off in a fit of impotent rage at not being able to stop the murder of a free captain on the council. What will the captain and the admiral do now?


Warrant Warrant

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