Dark Sun Ellensburg

Raiders of the Fever Sea is Finished!

The crew of the Hellborne Fury

Spent their time after killing the foes at the Jasperleaf Apothecary looting the place and taking all of the treasure they could find. The group also found some evidence that the Chelaxians were involved spying on the Shackles. More than likely, the Chelaxians Empire is looking to take over the Shackles and rule their waters and shipping lanes without the fear of pirates. The crew also found the deed and some sales papers for the apothecary which could prove lucrative should their ally Tessa Fairwind sell it for them.

Roltair got himself a couple of pet plant demons that he keeps in a birdlike cage in his quarters on the ship. He was called by Haagenti to sacrifice one of the demons in order to transfer the human bane essence into the crossbow. Roltair chose wisely and the sacrifice and torture of the Demon successfully called the blessing of Haagenti on the enchantment.

The monk, boatswain, quartermaster, and lookout visited Tessa Fairwind and she was ecstatic about the evidence they turned up. She was so happy she called the halfling into her chambers for a private than you. The halfling couldn’t hang so she kicked him out and went for the giant half Orc. The town guards showed up multiple times over the next few days due to civil disturbances and Tessa appeared to have been in a fight with a hill giant after the days of R&R.
Tessa presented the group with a proposition: enter the free captain’s regatta, and earn a spot on the captains council becoming a true force in the Shackles. Also it would be a slap in the face of the captain of the Wormwood, Barnabas Harrigan, their old nemesis.

The crew traveled to the regatta and entered the race. After traveling towards the eye of Abendego the crew dealt with lighting strikes, a mast that sheared off the ship, slowing them down, a lightning strike that fried the halfling up in the crows nest, and a huge Dragon turtle that threatened to capsize their vessel. The crew dealt with this adversity and had to travel through some dangerous reefs, the ship hit a reef hard and allowed other ships to pull ahead. Luckily the crew had some special equipment on the ship that allowed them to catch up. The crew had to fight off a huge lightning elemental and then at the final stretch, the wizard of the Wormwood, Peppery Longfarthing summoned forth 4 invisible Stalkers to try murder the crew of the Fury.

The crew fought off the Stalkers while Antubis was beset by two of them and was almost murdered. Sanctus, Sandor, Roltair, and the Wall held off the Stalkers while Shadow under the influence of captain Darius held the course steady to keep ahead of captain Harrigan.

With the finish line in sight, the crew pushed ahead under Shadow’s guidance and crossed the finish line. As the results were waiting, the crew could see and obvious furious crew of the Wormwood setting forth away from the lost race. The master of Gales called out the winner of the regatta: Hellborne Fury! The crew earned a huge purse, a deed to an uncharted island and seats on the pirate council!

They also earned the undying enmity of Captain Harrigan and crew. Likely they will meet again.

The crew must now set forth to claim their own island in the Shackles. What mysteries and challenges await them there?


Warrant Warrant

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