Dark Sun Ellensburg

A New Companion....

A new companion is introduced

The illustrious officers of the Hellborn Fury finally made it to land. The faint light illuminating the blood-red sea allowed the characters to see the stark contrast of midnight-black cliffs reflecting a reddish bloody glow. Upon reaching the inlet of the landmass, the pirates were able to walk across the congealing blood forming on the hull of their ship like some sort of abyssal barnacles and make there way to shore.

Once upon shore, the faint outline of a figure could be seen huddling on the shiny black obsidian gravel at their feet. Upon further inspection and heated confrontation, it was determined that they had stumbled upon the peg-legged martial artist and faith-healer, Sandor. Formerly a member of Whalebone Pilk’s press-ganged crew of the undead; Sandor found himself here, stranded on this beach. Time will tell if Sandor actually perished with the rest of the undead crew upon the Death Knell, or if his physical body was actually sent to the Abyss.

The loud clanging sound of moving clockwork and grinding gears served to get the pirates moving. The shoreline behind them ended in a drop-off as they felt the earth beneath them rumble and race skyward. Mountains of pure obsidian spread apart, revealing a pathway up through the crevasse. The characters traveled for a time before coming to a narrow ledge, the sound of gears and clockwork closing off and advancing the solid obsidian cliff-face behind them.

Renkyr and Poop-Deck Pete slipped from the ledge and fell headlong onto a plain littered with sharp 10’ obsidian spikes. Impaled upon the spikes, the two helpless pirates had to wait as their companions could come down to help them off of the spikes. The spikes retreated to the ground with the sound of clockwork and the pirates were stuck facing hideously distorted demonic versions of themselves.

After a bloody battle, the Pirates were successful and saw a gleaming tower of black crystal rising 1,000 feet above the obsidian plain. Atop this crystal spire was a massive fortress of cold iron. The sound of spinning blades and clanking chains could be heard emanating from the tower.

The group made its way to the tower only to be impeded by a massive vortex of spinning blades suspended from the tower by chains counter-rotating. One unfortunate powder-monkey placed his body in the midst of the spinning blades, only to be cut down mercilessly. After some debate and fruitless interaction with large iron statues surrounding the base of the spire in the distance, Renkyr decided to hurl his chain into the spinning blades. His chain wrapped around the spinning blades and after digging in his heels and flexing his 7’3" muscled frame, he was able to destroy one of the chain blades spinning around the spire. A number of successful entanglements later and the group was able to cross into the courtyard of the spire.

The pirates noticed strange abyssal markings upon each of the 8 statues and an iron bar at the far end of the courtyard. After figuring out the order in which to speak the words while grasping the iron bar, the party was whisked up 1,000 feet to the entrance of the iron fortress. After Roltair placed his hands in markings seemed meant only for him, the sound of gears an clockwork opened the massive iron doors of the palace. The fortress itself transformed into a shiny solid-brass fortress once the party entered. A spiral staircase suspended around a geared column rose into the void above.

Upon reaching the top of the stairwell, the party came to a door which opened into a vast expanse; brass platforms rose in a myriad of patterns from the landing on which the characters stood. One of the characters stepped onto a platform and the sound of meshing gears and clockwork rang througout the void. The platform descended and moved around and up into the void. Once the PC’s made it all onto their own platforms, they found themselves surrounding a stone throne upon a brass dais. Seated in the throne was a figure that looked like a non-descript man, but would shift and project the image of a bull headed monstrosity, both terrible and beautiful to behold.

“I am Haagenti” the Demon overlord proclaimed “Welcome to the realm of Cerebulium” Haagenti had little interest in what the characters had to offer, rather he had a deal for them. Conquer the ship Demonwing and they would be able to navigate the river Styx back to the Prime material plane. Once arriving on the plane, they would retain the Demonwing and use it to advance Haagenti’s agenda in Golorian.

The characters wasted no time in boarding the Demonwing. Admiral Darius cast a magical spell that allowed him to gaze upon the deck of the ship. He could see the ship piloted by a crew of undead and demonic figures, shrouded in invisibility. He tried to attack the captain, a large muscular demon at the ship’s helm, but a mysterious invisible force separating the stern castle from the rest of the ship ricochet the lightning bolt back to the rest of the companions. From there, the companions descended down into the decks of the ship where they were confronted with Manes, Hezrou, and other demons of the abyss.

Conquering the Demonwing wasn’t going to be as easy as they thought……..


Warrant Warrant

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