Dark Sun Ellensburg

Isle of Empty Eyes

Homeless greg
The group of Pirates succeeded in winning the Regatta and earning the respect of the other free captains of the Shackles. After repairing the Fury, the pirates joined the flotilla back to Port Peril to join in an fete worthy of their stature. During the evening’s festivities, the Master of Gales approached the group and let them know the real price to earning seats on the council. They would need to go to the Isle of the Empty eyes and establish a stronghold there worthy of hosting the other free captains. Three months was given to the crew to accomplish their task of seeking out and claiming the Isle as their own.

In town the characters did some buying and selling and some research. Some new crew joined and Antubis got a new follower named Sintubit who idolized the surly quartermaster. Roltair befriended “homeless Greg” and took him aboard ship for charitable purposes, and Shadow and Sandor found out about other ways to become immortal other than Lichdom. Setting sail days later, the crew headed out toward their destiny.

Arriving at the Isle some 3 weeks later, the crew was excited to start exploring and conquering the Isle. The ship ran aground on some shoals and was attacked by a giant octopus setting the stage for a difficult claim to the Isle. The crew anchored in the harbor and set ashore in boats to explore a white-walled fort on the edge of the harbor. They arrived in the fort near nightfall and while the crew was exploring, Antubis the lookout was set upon by some ghastly undead pirates. The crew managed to stave them off before continuing to explore the abandoned fort.

Sanctus managed to get atop the walls and found a way into the large crystal topped tower at the back of the fort. Romska, Sanctus, and Sandor explored the lower levels while the others went upstairs to look around. Downstairs the group was beset by a strange humanoid-headed female Phase spider who captured the Captain and held him for ransom. The evil little halfing, caring nothing for his captain and hoping to take the title for himself, launched a crossbow bolt, hitting the spider in the abdomen. The female head hissed in pain and then sunk her spider fangs into Romska’s neck before dropping him 20 feet to the ground below and phasing out of existence. The ship’s surgeon, weakened from poisonous bites he received was able to save Romska by invoking the power of his deity.

The room was covered in bits of quartz crystal and the monk was able to commune with the thoughts locked within. Images of being underwater with bubbles and a strange arm-bound dial, sitting in a chair looking out over a portal above the clouds; massive fortresses supported by 4 huge towers walking across a snow-capped landscape and launching red beams of power forth were some of the images passing through his mind.

The group slept that evening in the sending crystal tower where they had vivid dreams of an attack and of large one-eyed creatures smashing the quartz room and killing a lone figure inside. They also saw a golden colored gem being stolen by the creatures and the creatures laying waste to the forts inhabitants.

Later as they were exploring, the party ran into a donky-demon dream type creature which scared to of the crew nearly half-to-death and caused some major pain to Antubis and Sandor.


Warrant Warrant

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