Dark Sun Ellensburg

Intrigue is afoot

Setting sail

from Port Peril, the crew of the Fury headed towards the House of Stolen kisses. There the crew met with the high priestess of Calistria, where they were given the task to recover a holy relic in exchange for a secret gained by the sacred prostitutes at the temple through their liaisons with customers in the Shackles.

The crew then set forth to discover the temple of Norgorber at the Temple of the hidden name. Once eventually gaining access to the temple by talking to the halfling inhabitants of Beachcomber, the crew are led into the temple by a cherubic masked halfling. There the pirates exhcange some information about a ship they attacked in return for some secrets the followers of Norgorber have. The crew learns that a water naga named Sarliss holds some clues to the spies operating in the Shackles, and also learn about an Orcish pirate captain who may have stolen the precious artifact from the House of Stolen Kisses.

The crew sets forth and comes upon the Wreckers, a crew hidden in illusory terrain to lure ships into a hazardous reef, once there the crew is attacked by the Half-Orc female pirate Vakarla and her crew. The Fury fights off the Wreckers and exiles Vakarla after killing her crew and recovering treasure and the artifact from the hideout. Vakarla was last seen in her underwear, manning a dingy laden with her personal chest leaving the Shackles for good.

The crew venture on to confront Sarliss and after many attempts to gain her affection, they finally get her to tell them that she wants them to get revenge on her ex naga lover. The PC’s oblige, humiliating the male water naga and gaining some more clues into possible Chelaxian and Sargavan influences in the Shackles.

At the house of stolen kisses, the crew is “rewarded” for their efforts and also given more clues to the whereabouts of the Brine Banshee. The high priestess, Dindreann also provides a male concubine who wishes to give up a life of prostitution and become a Swashbuckler on the high seas. Antubis becomes part of the crew and is immediately assigned the role of Quartermaster on the ship. This ship was lost at sea and has some special speed that the followers of Norgorber wish to find out. The crew are sent to Ollo to meet Haneilius Fitch, a surgeon who gives them a lead on a magical wring and provides a leg bone from one of the crew of the Brine Banshee. After signing a free captain’s contract to provide Fitch with half of the recovered non-magical treasure from the ship, the physician gives the name of MilkSop Morton, a pirate who patrols the waters looking for weak ships to prey upon.

The crew of the Hellborne Fury quickly hunt down and slaughter MilkSop Morton and take his stuff, press-ganging some of his crew and sinking the rest (except for some choice offerings set aside for Roltair to use when worshipping Haagenti). The crew return to Fitch on Ollo and learn that the ring Milksop wore can track the drowned crew of the Brine Banshee by using the leg-bone from one of the crew.

The crew track down the wreckage and Roltair dives headlong into the brine. Immediately he is accosted by A vicious Shark merman and his shiver of sharks. After making short work of the overly intrepid Roltair and leaving him for dead, the rest of the crew manage to fight off the guardians of the wreckage and save Roltair.

……to be continued

Charda battle


Warrant Warrant

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