Dark Sun Ellensburg

Pirates.....IN HELL? (no, it's the abyss)

The pirates have gone to hell (abyss)

What happens when you have a mysterious scar burned into your arm, an insatiable need to let the blood of the innocents, and a mysterious golden disk on your ship that has various images on it matching your scar?

Well as our illustrious Quartermaster/Cook’s mate/Powder Monkey/Ranger/Alchemist found out, it’s a quick one-way ticket to the abyss.

Roltair, the arrow-slinging Ranger had been killed by the Sahuagin chieftain Kelloort. The party took Roltair back to the Locathah tribe to be resurrected. Roltair made a deal with a very old Locathah in the void between life and death before being returned to the land of the living. He would become a student of alchemy in return for the gift of life. He agreed to the terms of the deal and was once again part of the crew.

Something strange happened however as he had a mysterious tattoo burned into his forearm upon waking, and the locathah banished him from the tribe, including his wife, the locathah matron.

So the new alchemist and the crew headed to Port Peril to offload plunder and gain some infamy and disrepute by bragging about the discovery of the legendary treasure inked on Locke’s back. Once arriving, the new alchemist found himself driven to murder a young scribe in the library, but were it not for the half-orc’s play on words during the trial, the party could have faced death or prison.

Realizing things were getting pretty hot in port, and that something was wrong with Roltair. Captain Darius and First Mate Romska decided to head back out to sea to continue piracy. The strange disk found on Locke’s ship had them puzzled when they noticed one of the markings matched the marking on Roltair’s arm. After fiddling with it for awhile, a small facet of the disk opened up and dark red blood started to deluge out of the opening. After seeming hours of the deluge and horrific visions, the crew awoke to a pitch blackness; the deck coated in sticky, congealing blood. Light would barely illuminate anything and the crew was blind. As the Captain, First mate and alchemist went looking for survivors, the Boatswain, Ren’Kyre was attacked by an unseen force. Whipping out his spiked chain, the creature summarily swallowed it. Not to be deterred, Ren’Kyre shoved his arm down the thing’s maw and used the chain to beat the thing to death by smashing it repeatedly upon the decks. The poison from the thing had affected Ren’Kyre and cursed his chain. He now wears the chain wrapped tightly in concentric circles around his head while leaving the tail end free to attack. It stops the bleeding.

After trying to raise the dead crew, and succeeding in only summoning dimwitted, depraved dretches, Captain Darius set about forcing the dretches to row the ship upon the sea of blood. One name has been revealed to the players: Haagenti, and they are on a search for him.


Warrant Warrant

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