Dark Sun Ellensburg

A Spy Revealed

Our intrepid crew

had just tried to swindle the physician out of half of the loot unaware that he had been spying on them through the ring. The pirate lord of the isle set forth with a flotilla of 8 ships to attempt to recover the sunken treasure left behind by the crew. Deciding on a more prudent course of action, the crew set sail for Beachcomber to visit the temple of Norgorber.

Upon arriving at the temple, the crew revealed the Brine Banshee’s secret was the wheel taken from the deck itself. The wheel, now affixed to the Fury aids the crew in the same manner. The crew was told about a scrimshaw carver named Jaymiss Keft and his penchant for black kelp beer. Sandor purchased some beer before hunting down Jaymiss in Drenchport. Jaymiss was like able and pointed the crew towards some possible leads in town. Following a lead, the crew found a dead body partially devoured by a pet piranha-like fish. Roltair kept the fish to help with rituals to Haagenti while Ren’Kyr smashed things in the house. Anubis managed to find some gold and Romska and Sandor managed to decipher a Chelish Opera which was code for some spy activities.

Chasing the trail, the crew managed to eventually find their way to an apothecary in Port Peril which held the head spy herself, a Mwangi native female alchemist. The crew got this information by capturing, interrogating, and killing one of her paid assassins.

After fighting a massive snake tentacled puma and the alchemist herself, the crew emerged victorious with hopefully the answers to Tessa Fairwind’s request.

Also, in the heat of battle, Sanctus fell asleep by setting off a trap downstairs in the kitchen trying to get into an interesting looking door, and Antubis methodically looted the downstairs while his crew mates were fighting desperately for their lives upstairs. Ever his jovial self, Shadow let one of the apothecary guards hold his black blade while the essence of Darius dominated the poor sap and forced him to turn the blade on himself.

Antubis has never been quite the same since being mesmerized by the Aboleth at the bottom of a deep trench, while Ren Kyr redecorated the apothecary with the splattered remains of his enemies. Sandor, a paragon of law, could only try and steer his murderous, torturous, thieving, conniving, cheating, and backstabbing crew mates towards a path less sadistic and less suicidal while Romska continued to issue orders driving the crew onward towards the goal.

Next session, looting the apothecary and reporting to Tessa Fairwind.


Warrant Warrant

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